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Forest entrance pathway directly across from our house.
Bigfoots peel trees when they hide behind them.
Peeled tree by the street to show where the Bigfoot was standing
Before we cut back the forest and angered the Bigfoots the forest was easy to walk through
We angered the Bigfoots by cutting back the forest front. They weaved and twisted the forest  into strange shapes
The Bigfoot investigator marked the toe prints
Photo of the creatures moving by our neighbor’s fence
Two photos of the beast taken a few seconds apart for comparison
Dogman photo zoomed with contrast.
The Bigfoot investigator used Popsicle sticks to mark the footprint
Snow storm hit the state December 25, 2012
Bigfoot footprint in the snow photo
Bigfoot footprint in snow photo different angle
Photo of Bigfoot eyeshine reflecting from the forest pathway
Recent photo of forest to illustrate the masrer bedroom window view used to watch the Bigfoots and Dogman

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