100 Bigfoot Nights: The Paranormal Link

Sound Recordings and Videos


The recordings and videos listed below are not available publicly and can only be viewed via the links on this website or the links in the book


Chapter 1: Bang Bang

Chapter 2: Bigfoot Hitting a Raccoon,  Vocal Yee's,  Scream #3,  Tantrum

Chapter 3: Weird Bird, Bizarre Owl, "Hey Baby"

Chapter 3: Strange Lights (Video) *

Chapter 8: Screams and Howls

Chapter 9: Bird Call

Chapter 9: Bigfoot Hunting (Video)

Chapter 12: The Faceless Beast (Video)

Chapter 12: Home Alone

Chapter 13: I Shall Hurt Them

Chapter 17: Moving Camera (Video)

Chapter 18: Ghost Flash (Video)


*Video is accessible publicly

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