Recent Bigfoot Updates


January 2017: All the Videos and Recordings for Book 3 - The Paranormal Link - now publicly available.  


December 2016: 4 New Videos Added: (1) The Creature Fell From the Tree - Was it a Bigfoot? or a Dogman? - The Creepy, Crawling Forest (2) Does Bigfoot Have Cloaking Abilities? (3) It seemed strange the way it was moving (4) Sometimes the forest appears "Extra Creepy" 


September 2016: New Video Added: Bigfoot Peeking.


August 2016: Christine Dela Parker's in person interview with George Noory on Beyond Belief .


April 2016: 100 Bigfoot Nights The Paranormal Link Book 3 available everywhere.


January 2016: Christine Dela Parker's Interview on the Moore Show.


December 2015: Christine Dela Parker will be a guest on the British radio program The Moore Show.


October 2015: Cryptozoology News - BFRO Investigator Corroborates '100 Bigfoot Nights' Story.


July 2015: 100 Bigfoot Nights: The Paranormal Link Book 3 is being written. 


March 13, 2015: Interview on the After Dark Radio Show with host Bryan Alvarez


March 2015: New Sound Recording Added: Bigfoot approaching our house again - "Hey Baby".


February 2015: New videos have been added: Camouflage Bigfoot 1Camouflage Bigfoot 2, and Dark Figure in the Shadows - Full Length Video.


February 2015: Interview on Sasquatch Chronicles


January 23, 2015: Coast to Coast AM will interview Christine about the ongoing Bigfoot activity surrounding her home. 


December 2014: Darkness Radio interviews Christine about the Bigfoot activity surrounding her home.  


November 2014: Two new audios have been added: Bigfoot Mimicking Owls and Bigfoot Hitting a Raccoon?


October 2014: 100 Bigfoot Nights: The Nightmare Continues Book 2 is now available.


October 2014: Chapter sound recordings for 100 Bigfoot Nights: The Nightmare Continues Book 2 have been released on YouTube.


September 2014: 100 Bigfoot Nights: A Chilling True Story Audio Audible Version is now available.  Sound excerpts are included. 


September 2014: Chapter 1 of Book 2, 100 Bigfoot Nights - The Nightmare Continues, is available under Sample Chapters.


September 2014: New video added: Bigfoot Throwing Orbs.


New book will be released in October 2014. "100 Bigfoot Nights: The Nightmare Continues"


August 2014: New video added: Two Bigfoots Talking.


July 2014: New video added: Ghost in the Rain.


July 2014: A new video has just been added to the Video Excerpts: Running Shadow in the Storm.


June 2014: A new audio has just been added to the Audio Excerpts: A Frenzy of Screams and Howls Triggered by a Train.


June 2014: Audio version of 100 Bigfoot Nights in production.


June 2014: New Audio Added – Bigfoot Vocal Sound with Rock.


May 2014: 100 Bigfoot Nights by Christine Dela Parker – Book Trailer added by Vegas Pulse Media.


May 2014: Added a new recording in the Audio Excepts: Bigfoot Language. 


May 2014: Book is now available in paperback on and on Nook with Barnes & Noble.


April 2014: A new audio has just been added to the Audio Excerpts: Bigfoot Chatter.


April 2014: A new video has just been added to the Video Excerpts: Dark Figure in the Shadows


February 2014: Christine is currently writing her second book and continues to document the creatures.  More media files will be released along with the second book.

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