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New Video - Bigfoot Peeking


bigfoot peeking from forest


*100 Bigfoot Nights named as one of the Biggest Bigfoot Stories of 2015 on Coast to Coast 

*Listen to Christine Dela Parker's conversation with Kevin Moore on the British program The Moore Show

Bigfoot Sighting 

In a residential neighborhood, across the street from Christine’s house, there is an old, creepy forest where Bigfoots and the paranormal lurk. Her family has been tormented by the creatures and, according to the Bigfoot investigator they contacted, “They aren’t going anywhere.” It is a horrifying situation and potentially dangerous. Was it a matter of time before their worlds collided? As the planet gets more and more crowded with us, “They” are left with less and less habitat, learning to live in the shadows and hiding in plain sight. The next time you are walking past a forest or park at night, think about it, you may not be alone. 


Wondering Woman, a friend from YouTube, circled the Bigfoot in the video 'Dark Figure in the Shadows'


Bigfoot circled in Youtube video



Click on the images to enlarge:

Forest entrance pathway directly across from our house.
Bigfoots peel trees when they hide behind them.
Peeled tree by the street to show where the Bigfoot was standing
Before we cut back the forest and angered the Bigfoots the forest was easy to walk through
We angered the Bigfoots by cutting back the forest front. They weaved and twisted the forest  into strange shapes
The Bigfoot investigator marked the toe prints
Photo of the creatures moving by our neighbor’s fence
Two photos of the beast taken a few seconds apart for comparison
Dogman photo zoomed with contrast.
The Bigfoot investigator used Popsicle sticks to mark the footprint
Snow storm hit the state December 25, 2012
Bigfoot footprint in the snow photo
Bigfoot footprint in snow photo different angle
Photo of Bigfoot eyeshine reflecting from the forest pathway
Recent photo of forest to illustrate the masrer bedroom window view used to watch the Bigfoots and Dogman

Evidence of our Bigfoot Encounter

I believe all things happen for a reason. Destiny was knocking at our door and unfortunately we answered it. After taking photographs, recording audio, and video taping so many unexplained things, I can't help but feel obligated to inform others of the truth. I know there are a lot of books written about Bigfoots and other paranormal activity, but how many books also include audio recordings, photographs, and footage, in a series? 

After reading our story you will understand how it all began and why to this day we are still recording strange voices and sounds during the night. If you don’t believe in such paranormal things or the truly unexplained then standby because your skepticism is about to change like ours did one fateful night. It has been two years since we discovered the creatures in our neighborhood. We have documented our real Bigfoot sightings from 2012, 2013, and 2014, and compiled  all of our footage, pictures, and evidence to help tell our story. 


Bigfoots have been sighted throughout history and called by many names…. Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, Skunk Ape, and Giant Ape to name a few. Bigfoots to me are an intelligent, prehistoric beast. They are dangerous and terrifying to watch and nothing to mess with. Man’s misconception of being the top of the food chain is the biggest lie ever told. We have real Bigfoots in our neighborhood and there is nothing we can do about it. The Bigfoots do whatever they want and no one can stop them – we can only record their presence and other unexplained paranormal activity with photographs, audio recordings, and footage. This is our grim reality and we are trying to cope with it. 

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